Growing Plastics

That's what we do.

We create sandwich panel structures in bioplastics. This engineered structure allows us to use 30-50% less material than comparable technologies. The bioplastics we use generate 60% less CO2 during production than the plastics often used to make red party cups (GPPS).

We're currently focused on custom products and developing a full product line. Please see examples of our products here. Compared to a polystyrene cup, 1/6th the CO2 emissions were generated in raw materials manufacture.

We're using our technology in packaging because we'd like to turn the 21 million tons of plastic packaging the United States disposes of annually into 11 million tons of compostable plastic. Our technology can also be applied in aerospace, sporting goods, and the automotive industry.

You can learn more on our technology page, or you can test some cups yourself. Get in touch via our contact page.

A Breakthrough in Plastics Technology

Source Reduction - The easiest benefit to understand in products produced using our technology is from our source reduction. We can create plastic cups using 30-50% less material by weight.

Green Materials - Although our technology can be applied to any thermoplastic, we're currently working with Natureworks Ingeo Biopolymer. It is the most widely used, greenest material we could find. Read more about it here: The Ingeo Journey

Bioplastics have half the environmental impact when compared to traditional oil-based plastics, and don't deplete the earth. Combined with our material savings, our plastic products have approximately 1/4 the CO2 from materials manufacture.

Job Creating - Our cups are made in the USA, and all materials are sourced in the USA. As we work towards scaling up our process to high speed, we're using a lot of labor (comparatively) for each cup. As our technology scales, we'll retrain our cup staff to continue working in our factories.