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Our mission is to replace the world’s plastic with half as much bioplastic.

Company Overview

Grow Plastics is an early stage material science company that has a technology that enables the production of sandwich core structures in thermoplastics. Our first product to market is a plastic party cup manufactured on our prototype pilot line in Seattle, WA.

Our value proposition is that we make a sandwich core structure in any thermoplastic.  This enables us to use 30-50% less material when compared to standard technologies.  We’re focusing on using bioplastics in packaging; our mission is to turn the 21 MILLION TONS of plastic packaging and foodservice items into 11 million tons of compostable plastics.


Our 16 oz. party cup demonstrates:

Video and images of testing are available on our technology page.

Company Images

Launch Party  Launch Party 3 Launch Party


Founder Bio

Mike Waggoner Head Shot

Mike Waggoner is a Mechanical Engineer turned inventor and entrepreneur. He has two patents for exhaust diffusers, and two for plastic foaming technologies. His resume is available HERE, and his Linkedin profile is HERE.

Mike lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and 2 cats. A true Seattle native, he spends his weekends skiing the front and backcountry of local hillsides, mountain biking in mud, and kayak camping around the San Juan islands. His photo website at details his travels, projects, and recent life story.

Past Projects

Mike Waggoner has completed a series of successful projects that may of of interest.

Firefighter Suit Test Chamber – Measurement Technology Northwest 2010-2012

An advertisement was posted on craigslist that said, “Do you like to burn stuff”? Measurement Technology Northwest (Seattle, WA) needed a project engineer to build a custom firefighter suit test system in China. The project included improving the fireproof resin systems used by MTNW, developing a skin-simulant burn sensor, and integrating all controls into a safe system. The system is in operation at Donghua University in Shanghai, China.

Video is available at:



Extreme Environment Shoe Tester 2012-2013

Columbia Sportswear needed to design shoes that withstood -40C in high winds. Mike Waggoner served as project lead on a wind tunnel system enclosed in an environmental chamber.

Home Remodeling, 2007-Current

Starting in 2007, Mike owned a home that had been a rental for 35 years. The walls all needed scrubbing and repainting, the bathroom wall was caving into the bathtub, the plumbing leaked, and the electrical wiring had arcing issues. After fixing everything with help from his family, Mike started cutting huge holes into structural walls. The house still stands (fingers crossed).

Race Cars, 2000-2005

As an undergraduate and graduate student, Mike participated in the student Formula SAE students competitions, in which students build high performance race cars from scratch and compete in annual events.