The World's Greenest Packaging

As a demonstration product, we've product the world's greenest beer cup. Competitive products use twice as much plastic (13.8 grams), and are usually made from oil based plastic.
Video comparing our cup to a polystyrene cup that weighs twice as much


Plasticizer and Styrene Free

Our products are made from pure starch-based plastics. There are no BPA's, Styrenes, or other hazardous chemicals to leach into your food.


At the end of your event, our products are compostable. Our raw material, Ingeo, is BPI certified compostable. Read more here: Natureworks and Composting

Low Carbon Footprint

Our raw material has less than half the CO2 emissions per pound of materials we use. We use less than half the materials by weight. 1/2 * 1/2 = 1/4 the CO2 emissions!


Custom Options

Grow Plastics can produce almost any shape in our materials. Need a million of a custom tray or drink design? Get in touch via our contact page!

Great Print Quality

Although we love the white finish on our cups, we have produced trial print runs that show great ink adhesion, and our high gloss finish makes graphics and logos pop.