Source Reduction

The main environmental benefit of our technology is source reduction. We can replace ten grams of oil-based plastic with five grams of bio-based plastics. It's easy to understand how we halve the environmental impact of competitive packaging.

The Greenest Materials

We currently use Natureworks™ Ingeo biopolymer because it is the greenest, most widely avaiable biopolymer available. Read more about it here: The Ingeo Journey

How do we do it?

We have a patent-pending process to create a sandwich-core structure in bioplastics in an in-line manufacturing process. Sandwich cores are panels with a solid skin on the exterior surface and a lightweight core. The skins resist the object deforming in shape; the lightweight core is under comparatively less stress and so it doesn't need as much material. The same properties make I-beams almost as strong as solid beams. Read more about it on Wikipedia:

Video comparing our cup to a polystyrene cup that weighs twice as much